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Singapore Office

Bugis Junction Towers Singapore 188024

OOMI is changing the way Business ideas are funded.

Coding that creates a Trustless System of crowdfunding

Global Leader

A Decentralized worldwide funding portal guaranteed to be funded by other OOMI token holders.

Guaranteed to Fund

No more soliciting family and friends to donate to your campaign. No more waiting for investors to fund your project.

Success Stories

We are excited for all of the new OOMI token holders. With a first movers advantage, OOMI funds will create success stories for generations..

Entrepreneur Services

Our strategic partnership with LevelUp Advisors US LLC provides one on one consulting services for structuring OOMI funds to fill the gap in your financing needs.

Ready? Explore

Learn more about the OOMI protocol today. Join us on our next webinar. Happening daily 6 days a week, learn how you can fund your next real estate purchase or business idea.

Feeling Inspired?

Join the OOMI DAO by purchasing 7000 OOMI tokens or more for voting rights into the governance of the OOMI DAO. (must be equivalent to 7000 XLM or more)