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You can post a personal video to tell the OOMI DAO community how you will utilize the funds or post a product video. You can even post a picture of the building you'll buy with your new OOMI funds! Your project is yours! While we are still in the pre-sale process, the OOMI funds you received are a grant! Have a development project? Get it posted, get your certificate and of course, inviting others to this truly decentralized platform will surely move your project closer to funding!







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We believe in you and your ability to service your community by funding your next project. As long as you have earned a certificate of completion at Levelupadvisors.com, the OOMI DAO will fund your project.

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Thousands of projects will be funded this year. Decentralized Finance creates new opportunities.

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Community is the cornerstone of the OOMI DAO protocol. Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs we know that mindset is the key to success.

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